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Boat Launch Pricing

Hours : 7AM - 10PM Daily


Boat Launch

The launching fee applies to any vehicle equipped with a trailer launching and/or parking.


Single Vehicle

The single vehicle fee applies to any vehicle not equipped with a trailer that is parking at our facility. 



Honor Box


When launching your boat, if the Cafe is not open and there is not an employee to take your payment, please use our honor box. Above the Honor Box is instructions on how to fill out the envelope and where to place it once you have fulfilled your payment. Attached to the envelope is a stub that should be ripped off and placed on your dash so we know you paid the launching or parking fee.

Boat Ramp & Parking Rules

  1. We do not allow any swimming, fishing or picnicking from our property                   
  2. Jetskis are currently allowed; however, everyone in your party must be able to fit on on the Jetski and depart from our launch together. We do not allow any switching drivers/riders or back and forth action from our shoreline or dock.              
  3. Park in designated parking areas. Do not leave your vehicle parking near the Ramp, Shoreline, or Launching area.           
  4. Vehicles that have not paid proper entry fee or that have parked in the wrong area may be towed at owners expense.     
  5. Boat Ramp closes at 10pm. All vehicles must be off the property by 10pm.               
  6. Boaters must follow all boating Laws and Regulations.
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