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Introducing Online Boat Launch Payments!

Click below to complete your launch permit and proceed to payment.

Boat Launch Pricing

Hours : 7AM - 10PM Daily

Dynamic image capturing a truck skillfully launching a surf boat using our well-constructed ramp at Red Cove Marina. The photo illustrates the ease and convenience of our boat launch facilities, accommodating a range of vessels for our patrons.

Boat Launch

The launching fee applies to any vehicle equipped with a trailer, including those carrying kayaks, launching and/or parking at our facility.

Image showcasing a vehicle conveniently parked in our spacious and well-organized parking lot at Red Cove Marina. The photo illustrates the ample parking space we provide for our patrons, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Single Vehicle

The single vehicle fee applies to any vehicle parking on our property that is not launching a boat or other vessel.



Honor Box

Image featuring our efficient boat ramp adjacent to our honor box payment system at Red Cove Marina. The picture highlights our commitment to providing a seamless and trustworthy service for boaters, ensuring easy access to Medina Lake.

When launching your boat, if the Café is not open or an employee is not available to take your payment, please use our honor box system. Instructions are provided above the Honor Box on how to fill out the envelope and where to place it once you have completed your payment. Attached to the envelope is a stub that should be detached and placed on your vehicle's dash. This lets us know that you've paid the launching or parking fee.

We're also excited to announce that you now have the option to pay for your boat launching or parking online! If you prefer this method, simply click the button below to get started. Whether you choose to pay in person or online, we're committed to making your experience at Red Cove Marina as seamless as possible.

Boat Ramp & Parking Rules

  1. To maintain the safety and functionality of our property, we do not permit activities such as swimming, fishing, or picnicking.

  2. Jetskis are permitted, but all passengers must fit on the Jetski and depart the launch together. Switching of drivers/riders or multiple trips to and from our shoreline or dock are not allowed.

  3. Vehicles must be parked in the designated areas only. Leaving your vehicle near the Ramp, Shoreline, or Launching area is strictly prohibited.

  4. Please note that vehicles which have not paid the appropriate entry fee or have been incorrectly parked risk being towed at the owner's expense.

  5. Our Boat Ramp operates until 10pm. Please ensure that all vehicles are removed from the property by this time.

  6. All boaters are required to comply with local and national boating laws and regulations.

  7. Our property does not permit entry to the lake for any rental boats, kayaks, or other rental vessels.

  8. We hold no responsibility for personal belongings left in vehicles or elsewhere on our property.

  9. It's imperative to respect the local wildlife and surrounding environment. Please do not litter, and dispose of any waste in the designated bins provided.

  10. Please be aware that we assume no responsibility for any damage, injury, or any other adverse incidents that may occur either on our property or on the lake. Use our facilities and the lake at your own risk.

  11. In the interest of everyone's safety, please follow all posted signs and instructions from staff. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in loss of access privileges.

    By adhering to these rules, we can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

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