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Tranquil image of Red Cove Marina on a serene day, with the calm waters of Medina Lake reflecting the sky like a mirror. The photo captures the peaceful atmosphere and pristine beauty that our marina offers, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and boating.

Simplify your boating experience with Marina Storage

Experience the ease and convenience of our Marina Membership at Red Cove Marina. As a valued member, you'll enjoy secure gated trailer storage, 24-hour access to the marina, and designated parking for one vehicle. Please note that a one-year contract is required. We understand that loading and unloading a boat can be stressful, which is why we recommend renting a slip.

Marina Membership

Unlock a World of Benefits with Marina Membership

Gated Trailer Storage

Enjoy peace of mind with our Marina Membership, which includes secure, gated trailer storage, ensuring your equipment is safe.

Designated Parking

As a Marina Member, you'll benefit from a designated parking spot, providing convenient access for one vehicle, making your trips to and from the marina even more seamless.

24Hr Access 

With our Marina Membership, enjoy the freedom of 24-hour access to the marina, allowing you to embark on your boating adventures whenever the mood strikes.

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